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Jatin Bhatt, MD, MBA

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If your job involves wearing a respirator, you’re required by law to undergo a respiratory fit test at least once a year. At Occupational Health Services Medical Group in Lynwood, California, Jatin Bhatt, MD, MBA, and the team, provide qualitative respirator fit testing. If it’s time for your next test, book an appointment with the online scheduling tool or call the office today.

Respiratory Fit Test Q&A

What is a respiratory fit test?

A respiratory fit test is a routine screening procedure that determines the safety and fit of a respirator mask. It’s required by law for all employees who are medically cleared to wear a respirator while on the job.

To comply with OSHA rules and regulations, you must complete a fit test using a respirator that’s the same make, model, and size as the one you wear on the job.

Who needs a respiratory fit test?

Any employee who wears a respirator during work is required by law to complete a respiratory fit test. Respirators help reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances, including silica dust, welding fumes, paint spray mists, and solvents.

What is a qualitative fit test?

This type of test measures the safety and effectiveness of N-95 masks, full face, and half-face respirators. It helps detect leakage in your respirator facepiece by measuring your ability to taste or smell certain irritants. 

What should I bring to my respiratory fit test?

To ensure your respiratory fit test is as accurate as possible, bring all of your work gear to your appointment, including prescription glasses, safety goggles, or earmuffs. If you wear any of these items on the job, you must also wear them during your respiratory fit test. 

How often do I need a respiratory fit test?

OSHA requires anyone who uses a respirator at work to undergo a respiratory fit test every 12 months. You must also participate in a respiratory fit test if there’s a change in your physical condition that could affect the fit of your respirator. These conditions include:

  • Extensive weight gain or loss
  • Major dental work, like dental implants or dentures
  • Facial surgery, like a nose job or facelift
  • Significant scarring near the respirator’s seal

These changes can affect the way your respirator fits and increase your risk of lung-related health problems.

If it’s time for your annual respiratory fit test, request a consultation at Occupational Health Services Medical Group. Book an appointment using the online scheduling tool or call the office today.