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Jatin Bhatt, MD, MBA

Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine Center located in Lynwood, CA

Drug and alcohol screenings are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to ensure the safety of your employees and workplace. At Occupational Health Services Medical Group in Lynwood, California, Jatin Bhatt, MD, MBA, and the team offer employers the popular 5-panel and 10-panel urine drug screening test. As a Medical Review Officer, Dr. Bhatt personally supervises the drug and alcohol testing program. Use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment or call the office today.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings Q&A

What are drug and alcohol screenings?

Drug and alcohol screenings analyze urine and blood for the presence of alcohol or illegal substances. They allow business owners to screen potential job candidates and help ensure employees are adhering to all legal and regulatory protocols while on the job site. 

Why are drug and alcohol screenings important?

Drug and alcohol screenings are important because they’re proven to promote safety in the workplace. Routine drug and alcohol tests help ensure each team member is in compliance with your businesses’ rules and regulations. In addition, they help lower the risk of accidents and injuries.

If your business is employed by the federal government in any capacity, you’re required to maintain a drug-free workplace. Additionally, if your business is regulated by the Department of Labor or Department of Transportation, you’re required by law to drug test your employees and schedule periodic physicals and screenings.

What are the types of drug and alcohol screenings?

At Occupational Health Services Medical Group, the team offers employers a 10-panel drug screen adhering to the parameters of applicable state and federal laws for non-regulated employment drug testing. They also offer:

Pre-employment drug testing

Pre-employment drug testing screens potential hires for illicit substances. Many companies require potential hires to pass pre-employment drug testing before offering them an official position.

Pre-placement drug testing 

Pre-placement drug testing screens employees who are returning to work after an absence or injury. It can alert you to individuals who use illicit substances or abuse prescription medication.

Drug testing for reasonable suspicion or cause

If you suspect that one of your employees is using drugs or alcohol on the job, consider cause drug testing. Cause drug testing can confirm your suspicions, allowing you to take necessary actions such as termination or referral to counseling.

Random drug testing

Random drug testing occurs on an unannounced basis. This type of screening is particularly beneficial if your employees regularly operate commercial vehicles or heavy machinery.

Post-accident drug testing

Post-accident drug testing occurs following an on-site mishap or injury. This type of testing is particularly beneficial in the event of a lawsuit or other legal actions.

How long do the results of drug and alcohol screenings take?

The team at Occupational Health Services Medical Group uses rapid drug testing that provides instant results. You’ll receive a complete printout within minutes of your employee submitting a sample.

If you’re interested in utilizing drug and alcohol screenings, request a consultation at Occupational Health Services Medical Group. Book an appointment using the online scheduling tool or call the office today.